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Alphie Thorn

With over 20 years experience counseling, consulting and healing.

I believe there is a way to live in total wholeness. Whether it is money, relationships, or health, the stress of today's world is stealing the high quality of living we desire. The answer is inside you. I can help, support, and guide you to quickly access those answers.

Whether you struggle with anxiety, stress, insecurity, can't get a handle on your money issues, want to start a business but are afraid, can't seem to connect with people, or have problems adjusting to change, you can get real life personalized help.

You can decide how to get your needs met through coaching, counseling or just some every day support, guidance and advice, You can release the anxiety related to taking tests, learn to make better decisions, set better boundaries, feel more at ease dealing with change, learn to be more confident and feel better inside yourself. You can get real one on one help dealing with the stress of debt. You can release the stress and anxiety that comes from trying to do these things alone.

Tired of running to family and friends who love and support you but don't seem to get where you are coming from? Don't want to share with friends because you don't want them to know your personal struggles no matter how well meaning they are, then these personal services are for you.

Using various techniques including EFT (tapping), energy work, and practical meditation, you can quickly experience release, relaxation, change and clarity in any area of your life. Your individual sessions are designed to get results now.

I would welcome the opportunity to help you create the personal life experience you desire.

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